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FEATURED SOLUTION www.tessco.com/go/twj 27 August / September 2014 The entire product offering and your pricing is on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. MOBILE DEVICE PERFORMANCE Consumers' dependence on mobile devices has profoundly influenced and driven changes in the way we manage and monitor health and wellness. The fitness and health mobile app market has taken off as early adopters drive consumer demand for apps to monitor diet, physical activity and more. According to mobile analytics platform Localytics, which monitors more than 20,000 apps, the number of new health and fitness apps increased 19 percent from 2012 to 2013. Many industry experts expect 2014 to be the year that mobile health and fitness devices hit the mainstream as attention turns to the next transformation in healthcare mobility, the wearable technology device market. Wearable technology devices, often just referred to as "wearables," are quickly gaining momentum in the marketplace. Wearables typically fall into three categories: fitness and health trackers, smart watches and smart glasses. Leading analyst IDC predicts wearable device shipments will exceed 19 million units in 2014, more than tripling 2013 sales, with the number expected to swell to 119.9 million units by 2018. The jury is still out on smart glasses, but smart watches are slowly gaining in popularity, boosted by investments from several well-known companies. Health and fitness trackers have largely driven early market success and captured the attention and wallets of consumers. In its April 2014 " The Appification of Health and Fitness Report ", Mobiquity shows more than half of health and fitness app users were planning to use a wearable device to track and monitor heart rate, calories, sleep cycles, steps taken and more. Sixty-three percent of those surveyed say they will use their wear- able device daily. Enterprises are taking note, and incorporating wearable devices into their corporate wellness programs. In fact, many see this adoption by business for employee well-being as the next big market push. TESSCO offers fitness and health products, including wearable technology devices, to keep people on the move and on track for a healthy and active lifestyle. From tracking steps to counting calories or analyzing a golf swing, TESSCO has the products to help manage, monitor and maintain good health and well being. For more information, visit www.tessco.com. Wearable Health & Fitness Devices Gain Momentum FEATURED MANUFACTURERS Featured Products n Smart Watches n Wearable Activity Monitors n Heart Rate Monitors n Smart Pedometers

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