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Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 26 MOBILE DEVICES & ACCESSORIES August / September 2014 2014 Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC. Samsung and Galaxy are all registered trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. LEARN MORE at www.tessco.com/go/samsung Explore our complete selection of accessories for the latest Galaxy devices. More Power for Your Business. with Genuine Samsung Charging Accessories Get the most from your Galaxy devices when you're traveling with Genuine Samsung charging accessories. Portable Battery Chargers will keep you in the green when you're on the road, while Spare Battery Charging Systems ensure you have a fully charged spare at the ready. Multi-device users can even share battery power between compatible devices with the innovative and convenient Power Sharing Cable. Team up with Samsung and Tessco and - Experience more. BP3100 and BP6000 Portable Battery Packs Available in Black & White Wireless Technology Enhances Classroom Experience Through Mobile Device Use to test. Schneider and team created a system to score the characteristics important to them, such as corner and screen protection, access to plugs and ports, etc. "Some cases feel protective, but you lose some of the functional- ity. Others allow for full use of the device, but they were not protective. With OtterBox, you get protec- tion and functionality," she said. "I almost had a heart attack at the beginning when kids would drop these. Students have a hard time sometimes just coming up and down stairs successfully much less carrying things. We've had lots of iPads falling downstairs. We had one at the high school that had acid spilled on it. I've seen them acci- dentally tipped off of a counter, and there is no damage at all." During the 2012/2013 school year, 86 of the 3,400 1:1 student iPads were damaged or broken for a rate of 2.5 percent. Compared to up to 50 percent reported at some schools and general user breakage rates of around 20 percent reported by an iPad insurance provider SquareTrade, Belton ISD considers their investment well protected and students securely connected. "Our real goal for this was to not just put technology in the student's hands but to change the look and feel of instruction in the public school classroom," Schneider said. "Students are deeply involved in figuring out their own path to learn- ing. They absorb it and connect it to other areas in their lives." In backpacks, on desktops and for every drop, ding and bump, OtterBox is helping to keep Belton ISD's students connected and empowered. For more information visit www.tessco.com/go/otterbox. (continued from page 4) THE WIRELESS BULLETIN Your Mobile Device Accessory Guide www.tessco.com/go/twbacc The Wireless Bulletin BACK TO SCHOOL MUST HAVES! 2014 JOIN TESSCO AT THESE UPCOMING INDUSTRY EVENTS AGL Conference Series October 9, 2014 Dallas, TX HetNet Expo October 15-16, 2014 Chicago, IL TESSCO 2014 Triple-Play (RF-Fiber-PIM) Field Test Workshops September 18, 2014, Kansas City, KS October 8, 2014, Dallas, TX www.tessco.com/go/events

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