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Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 24 MOBILE DEVICES & ACCESSORIES August / September 2014 Innovative, Compatible, Tablet Accessories The Industrial Edition Case from Trident is designed to protect tablets in the most severe condi- tions, meeting the Military Standard MIL-STD-810F with features like waterproof dust filters, high-defi- nition film and sealed ports. They are suited to repel oleic acid, rub- bing alcohol, sweat and household cleaners commonly used in industri- al environments. The cases include a twist-and-lock port that securely fits a variety of A.M.S. tablet at- tachments and are available with or without the handle. Features carbonate shell with shock- absorbing TPE controls and ports sealed for protection technology exceeds MIL-STD-810F compostable and recyclable Industrial Edition Shoulder Strap Industrial Series cases include attachment ports that allow for comfortable and convenient use of the compatible shoulder strap. The shoulder strap securely attaches to the cases, allowing for hands-free carrying of your tablet while on the go. The shoulder pad is flexible and cushioned to provide added support of your tablet while in use. Features length and 2 inches wide cures straps to case shoulder pad Kraken A.M.S. Hand Strap Attachment Kraken A.M.S. cases include an attachment port that supports a twist-and-lock feature to secure- ly fit a variety of A.M.S. tablet attachments, allowing you to use your device to its full potential. Easily rotate your device without needing to remove your hand from the strap. Velcro straps provide a comfortable and custom fit. Features Visit www.tessco.com/go/trident. TESSCO No. 542875 The Industrial Edition Kraken AMS Case List: $89.95 TESSCO No. 541225 Shoulder Strap Attachment, Black List: $24.95 TESSCO No. 567265 Hand Strap Attachment, Black List: $19.95 The Industrial Edition Kraken A.M.S Case Jabra Supreme UC Active Noise Cancellation to enhance your listening experience Patented flip boom arm for compact carrying Switch seamlessly between cell and UC softphone calls me UC lat tion ening m for een lls Jabra Freeway Works with your smart phone to control calls, GPS, texts, emails, podcasts, music and more Make and take calls just using your voice Sensor technology turns the device on and off automatically ne to ails, ng ally Tessco Part No. 308999 Tessco Part No. 530383 Introducing Your Mobile Office www.tessco.com/go/jabra New Cell Booster System Provides Maximum Cellular Signal FCC specifications for 2014 man- dated new power and gain limits for cell amplifiers and ordered the sale of complete systems only. Digital Antenna , the originator of com- plete cell amplifier systems, now manufactures a new PowerLogic TM DA4600 cell amplifier kitted with the largest selection of antennas and cabling options available. Certified to the latest FCC tech- nical specifications, the DA4600 cell amplifier features a high-gain, low-noise (NF < 2.5dB) amplifier. Microprocessor control assures maximum FCC-allowed power while preventing interference to the cel- lular network. When paired with a premium cellular antenna manufac- tured by Digital Antenna, maximum signal enhance- ment is achieved. The DA4600's extremely sensi- tive front-end and low-noise figure offers the greatest improvement in data transfer signal assuring maximum 3G voice and data range. Exceptionally low power consump- tion, less than 1W in standby and less than 5W max (full use), the DA4600 is ideal for use with battery backups and any M2M application and en- hances signals in the most remote and challenging areas. The DA4600 series cell booster systems are available with all Digital Antenna cell antennas and numerous cable length configura- tions to fit virtually any application. Configurations for automobiles, boats, homes, offices and M2M modems are available. Complete systems include a DA4600 ampli- fier, 110V or 12V power supply, universal adapter and a choice of antenna and cable. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ digitalantenna TESSCO No. 330761 821-896/1850-1990 MHz Dual Band Fiberglass Omni, Fiberglass Antenna List: $167.93 Dual Band Fiberglass Omni Antenna MIMO Mobile 4-Cable Antenna Excels With 4-Port Modems Mobile Mark's LTM401 Series multiband antenna is a perfect com- panion for the new LTE/LTE/Wi-Fi/ GPS 4-port modems, including the Digi International WR44R or Sierra Wireless GX440. The LTM401 contains 4 separate antenna elements: two cellular/LTE, one Wi-Fi and one GPS. The ele- ments are fed by separate cables and connect directly to the 4 con- nector ports on the modem. The antenna is primarily employed for 4G data and video applications with onboard mobile WiFi for wireless offloading. The antenna has been well received in the field. Steve Mazur, director of business development at Digi International finds, "The Mobile Mark product line is quite versatile with configurations that match our customers' requirements in the tran- sit and transportation markets. And, the Mobile Mark team is quick to re- spond, especially for the occasional fast turnarounds needed on evalua- tions and pilot deployments." Installers love using the LTM401. The antenna is compact and attrac- tive, offers outstanding VSWR per- formance and is easy to install. It's a great choice for people who need consistent wireless coverage in a heavy-duty package. The LTM401 takes up signifi- cantly less space than multiple an- tennas and is quicker to install. The MLTM401 mag-mount is an easy-to- handle option for temporary set-ups. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ mobilemark. TESSCO No. 573490 LTE MIMO, Cellular, Wi-Fi and GPS Surface Mount Antenna List: $291.40 TESSCO No. 502893 LTE MIMO, LTE, WiFi & GPS Magnet Mount Antenna List: $336.90 4-Cable, Multi-Element Antenna for LTE MIMO, Wi-Fi and GPS Shoulder Strap Attachment Need help with a technical solution? www.tessco.com/go/techsupport Hand Strap Attachment

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