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August / September 2014 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 20 INSTALLATION, TEST & MAINTENANCE Optical Fusion Splicer Minimizes Losses and Rework Time The Greenlee Communications 910FS Optical Fusion Splicer is designed to meet virtually any FTTx application. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor splicing applications, the 910FS allows technicians to di- agnose, splice and solve a variety of fiber optic problems with ease. The 910FS also features core alignment to minimize splice losses and re- work time. Pre-terminated, splice-on connectors, which reduce prepara- tion time and yield lower connection losses, are available. The 910FS fea- tures easy-to-change fiber adapt- ers that allow quick change from 250um bare fiber to 900um buffer to splice-on connectors (SC or LC) in seconds. With dual cameras, 240x magni- fication and a large 5.7-inch color, flip-over LCD display, technicians can analyze cleaved fiber optic cable faster than ever. Up to 5,000 splice records can be stored and the long-life, quick-recharge battery keeps on working, even in remote locations. Additional features in- clude auto-check fiber end face, auto-calculation of estimated splice loss and selectable heating modes. The 910FS-KIT2 includes the 910FS Optical Fusion Splicer; the 910CL Optical Fiber Cleaver; the PA1171 Fiber Stripper; 250um, 900 um, Bow-Tie and Splice-on Connector Adapters (FIS-SC,LC); and an extra 910FS-BATT Rechargeable Li-ion Battery - all in a rugged carrying case. Splice and repair fiber optic ca- ble faster, safer and easier with the Greenlee Communications 910FS Optical Fusion Splicer. Visit www.tessco.com/go/greenlee. TESSCO No. 565045 910FS Optical Fusion Splicer Kit List: $8,533.48 910FS Optical Fusion Splicer Kit Turn your RF techs into fiber test experts-instantly Today, techs test RF and fiber. Equip them with RF/fiber instruments from JDSU: the world leader in fiber test. Get more info at www.tessco.com/go/jdsu RF, meet Fiber! Indoor DAS or Small Cell Testing Simplified End users always seem to find it: that one location in a building with less-than-stellar wireless coverage. Then the complaints start rolling in. It doesn't matter if that location is in a basement, corridor, corner office, stairway or bathroom. As you com- mission or optimize distributed an- tenna systems (DAS) or small cells in any large venue, you no doubt think about this dilemma. Once you declare that new system open for business how can you be confident that all those end-users will be sat- isfied with coverage and capacity in ALL key areas of the venue? TrueSite TM , a new JDSU tablet- based solution designed for indoor DAS testing, gives you that confi- dence. With ultra-portable TrueSite TM you can explore the entire building quickly and easily by running tests that mimic end-user activities while collecting and analyzing critical network parameters in real time. TrueSite also alerts you to macro ingress issues, allowing you to take corrective action to ensure users in the building are connected to the indoor network and not a nearby macro cell. Real-time data collec- tion and analysis enables real-time alerts so that you can identify and fix problems in the moment. This capability saves time and money by eliminating repetitive test walks that follow the typical back office post- processing step. TrueSite TM is available in two configurations: a tablet-controlled system or a single smartphone. With the system, a technician runs sophisticated tests using an Android tablet to set up, synchro- nize and control via Bluetooth as many as six smartphones. Free of cables, the phones all fit discretely and conveniently in an over-the- shoulder messenger bag. Installed on a single handheld device, TrueSite TM provides a "TestMeNow" function with one-touch control and simple red/green, pass/fail indica- tors that can be used by personnel at all skill levels. Automated test functionality covers all the user-level activities you'd expect for voice, messaging, video and web. Numerous ad- vanced network performance tests are also included, providing techni- cians plenty of control, sequenc- ing and measurement options for HetNets. Naturally, TrueSite TM also includes linkages to iBwave design files to facilitate test route map- ping, navigation and antenna sector identification. TESSCO No. 518630 RANAdvisor TrueSite Bundled Kit List: $32,500.00 The TrueSite TM Tablet-Based DAS Test Quickly Find and Analyze Cable and Antenna Problems Bird Technologies is proud to introduce the all new SiteHawk Antenna and Cable Analyzer. This pocket-sized antenna and cable analyzer operates from 85 MHz to 4 GHz and features an intuitive interface that provides ready access for the first-time user and minimizes clicks for the expert using it daily. Substantial internal storage holds thousands of traces on the device for future analysis or reporting and eliminates the need to worry about storing files. With the SiteHawk, it is simple to determine if there is a problem with your cable and antenna system using the Measure Match function and to locate the source of the problem with the Use Distance to Fault measurement. Visit www.tessco.com/go/bird. TESSCO No. 516523 SiteHawk Analyzer Kit With AC Adapter, Hard Carrying Case, USB Interface Cable, RF Cable, 1.5 meter long, Soft Carrying Case, and USB Drive. List: $2,450.00 SiteHawk Analyzer Kit Customer-Controlled Inventory Management Solution Vinyl Electrical Tape Protects in Extreme Conditions When the job is on the line, count on a trusted resource. Scotch Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape from 3M is a premium grade, 7-millimeter thick, all-weather, vinyl-insulating tape. It is designed to perform continuously between a temperature range of 0 to 220F (-18 to 105C). It offers excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, al- kalies, acids, corrosion and varying weather conditions, including ultra- violet exposure. The combination of elastic backing and aggressive adhesive provides moisture-tight electrical and mechanical protection with minimum bulk. Scotch Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape is an Underwriters' Laboratories Listed and Canadian Standards Association Certified "Insulating Tape." Visit www.tessco.com/go/3m. TESSCO No. 21263 33+ Vinyl Plastic Electrical Tape List: $6.04 Vinyl Plastic Electrical Tape NEW! Need help with a technical solution? www.tessco.com/go/techsupport

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