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Using wireless technology to monitor, control and track assets can drive improvements in pro- ductivity, safety and profitability. As remote monitoring and control becomes more integral to your everyday operations, the reliability, coverage and capacity of your wireless network becomes all the more important. Creating the ability to remotely commu- nicate and control assets in the field can be simple in concept but takes a great deal of planning, coordination, equipment, and well- orchestrated deployments. Your deployment may include installations or upgrades not just at the edge, but also at a backhaul site or sites, and at your office's network opera- tions center (NOC). TESSCO is Your Total Source for every- thing you need to build, use, and maintain a remote monitoring network. Our trusted in- dustry experience and performance-proven solutions provide the tools you need to develop and deploy your remote monitoring communications network - ensuring seam- less, reliable two-way communications. Solution Design Whether your private data network needs to expand to cover new sites, you are tran- sitioning from analog to digital capabilities, or you want to start taking advantage of the ever-improving speed and reliability of 4G/ LTE public networks, TESSCO can help you build and maintain an infrastructure reliable enough for your critical communications. From product selection and custom engineering to physical product configura- tion, we're here to help you with extensive design and configuration services. Which router works with this RTU? Should I use 900 MHz or LTE? How much backup power will I need? Our experts help you with all of these questions, and much more. Product Selection With the wide variety of products needed to support a remote monitoring and control communications network, putting together a full bill of materials can be daunting. Our applications engineers can work with you to understand your needs and develop the set of products needed to make it happen. Offering the broadest, most compre- hensive product portfolio in the wireless industry, we provide access to the products required for your network. From radios to so- lar panels to test equipment, with more than 25,000 products from over 350 industry- leading manufacturers, we provide access to products you need to build, deploy, operate, and maintain your remote monitoring com- munications network. We've done the work of evaluating tech- nologies, manufacturers, and products so you don't have to. A reliable, robust communications network is vital to any remote monitoring system. When you need to get data, voice or video from a remote location, sending it wirelessly is often the most, or only, eco- nomical solution. From cellular to 900 MHz to 2.4 GHz frequencies and point-to-point to mesh topologies, TESSCO has you covered. When data and control are critical, ensuring your net- work is protected and powered are a top priority. TESSCO offers a range of solutions that provide the environmental pro- tection your equipment needs to withstand harsh environments, as well as ruggedized and reliable power solutions for communica- tion networks in nearly every application. Deployment Simplification Remote monitoring solutions require a variety of products which then need to be selected, deployed, and installed in multiple locations, sometimes over a fairly short time period. TESSCO's logistics and supply chain expertise includes product availability, kit- ting, and delivery, providing a single and reli- able supply chain. PRODUCT AVAILABILITY - We collaborate with more than 350 manufacturers and stock thousands of products, allowing you to rely on us to provide products you need, where and when you need them. PRODUCT CONFIGURATION & INTEGRATED SOLUTIONs - In addition to all the individual products, we can provide a fully integrated solution for your remote monitoring site. Our applications engineers will work with you to understand your needs and develop the set of products needed to make it happen. Our top-notch integra- tion team will then assemble the solutions for your site. Whether you need a standard or custom-designed solution, rely on us to physically configure and assemble it for youallowing you to focus on deployment. CUSTOM ORDERING & KITTING - Deploying a large network is complex, so TESSCO offers a variety of ways to order and receive product, simplifying your project. Options include everything from one-SKU ordering to end-of-month invoicing. With only one supplier to work with, you can minimize the volume of purchase orders and invoices that need to be tracked. TESSCO can work with you to create site kits, custom packaging, or custom-labeled products. REMOTE MONITORING & CONTROL UTILITIES From the Edge to the Core Dependable Remote Monitoring and Control Solutions Are Essential Submitted by TESSCO Technologies OIL & GAS At the Edge Supporting You Every Step of the Way Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 2 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. August / September 2014

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