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August / September 2014 The entire product offering and your pricing is on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. 19 INSTALLATION, TEST & MAINTENANCE www.tessco.com/go/twj FieldFox Combination Analyzers Four models up to 26.5 GHz MIL-PRF-28800F Class 2 rugged Agrees with benchtop measurements CAT + VNA + spectrum analyzer For you, the unpredictable is the everyday. But there's one thing you can always depend on: the Agilent FieldFox combination analyzer. At a compact kit-friendly 6.6 lbs., it's three instruments in one: cable & antenna analyzer (CAT) + vector network analyzer (VNA) + spectrum analyzer. Which means now the power to anticipate any need fits right in the palm of your hand. Dark, rainy, windy, dusty, slippery, glaring, scorching. It's all in a day's work. The FieldFox, now with iOS enabled remote control capability Learn about cable & antenna analysis and more with our application note series www. tessco.com/go/agilent Agilent Technologies, Inc. 2014 End-to-End Solutions Deliver Seamless Connectivity Across Campus Wi-Fi - Ericsson Wi-Fi solutions bring the latest technology to enterprise-ready access points and controllers that can handle the most challenging capac- ity and throughput needs. A wide range of access points are available for any Wi-Fi environ- ment including indoor, outdoor and high density event venues. Ericsson's leadership position in the wireless and Wi-Fi industry ensures leading-edge technol- ogy today and in the future. - Ericsson Wireless Fiber is the an- swer for difficult-to-reach sites on campus and across multiple campuses. Whether it is a per- manent site, a temporary "pop up" site or an interim site that is waiting on permanent circuits to be installed, microwave-based Ericsson Wireless Fiber can pro- vide high speed wireless links up to 1Gbps. Besides extending the network, Wireless Fiber can provide valuable network redun- dancy and backup. Communications Solutions - These platforms serve as the cornerstone of our campus communications, with fully dis- tributed, all-IP voice systems for maximum flexibility, scalability and usability. Fully distributed architecture allows voice serv- ers and modules to be placed anywhere on the network, which optimizes redundancy and sur- vivability so that phone calls are not interrupted even when parts of the network go down. Communications Solution (UCS) - iPECS UCS offers rich UC functionality including video conferencing, collaboration tools like screen sharing and white boarding, powerful mobility, pres- ence and instant messaging. All of these emerging technologies continue to grow in acceptance and adoption. Manager (UDM) - When a complex network exists, iPECS UDM helps streamline management of the entire net- work and handle different sys- tems under a single management interface. The Ericsson end-to-end campus vision is one of a single, integrated and cohesive network that con- nects students, faculty and staff to each other, to college resources and to the world over the Internet. Our vision is of an end-to-end optimized solution for voice, data and unified communications, that is centrally managed, with redun- dancy built-in, robust features and the performance needed today and with the ability to expand in the fu- ture. Regardless of the location on campus - indoors or out - inside classrooms, dorms, labs, cafeterias, auditoriums and sporting venues - everyone can have seamless access to all the network resources they need. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ericsson. (continued from page 4) Need Your Price? Call 800.472.7373 or visit www.tessco.com/go/pricing

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