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August / September 2014 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 18 NETWORK SYSTEMS (continued from page 1) Mexico Tower Operator Deploys Intelligent Site Management for Site Security provides detailed reports on site performance. The data obtained from the remote sites is trans- ferred to the centralized Optima Management System over a secure GSM cellular network connection. The Intelligent Site Devices (RMM-1400, RMB-1) are located at the tower operator's sites and are being used to monitor person- nel access, motion sensors, video cameras, vibration sensors, and copper theft sensors. Monitoring site access at remote sites is criti- cally important. The Westell access management application monitors the access to a site (authorized and unauthorized) and specific areas within the site (shelters, gates, fences, and access doors). When unauthorized entry occurs, which is a common occurrence, Network Operations Center (NOC) personnel is notified in real-time via alarm(s), and a siren is triggered locally to deter a potential intruder. The siren will continue to sound until some- one either grants access (enabled remotely after personnel verifica- tion) or authorities have arrived on- site. The Mexican tower operator is also installing keypad controllers at each site door to allow access data to be transferred to a centralized access control database using the Westell security monitoring solution. Copper conductors, waveguides, and ground bars are the infrastruc- ture equipment that's most often stolen or disturbed at a site. The asset tampering application moni- tors a ground bar for tampering or theft. An asset tampering sen- sor is installed and cannot be removed or cut without trigger- ing an alarm. If disturbed, the tower operator receives an alarm and uses this information to determine what ac- tion is appropriate. They may elect to use IP video to capture images of site conditions and the details of the perpetrator for potential prosecution and asset recovery. The Westell solution utilizes the operator's IP video cameras and exterior motion sensors to remotely monitor video and motion activity. When motion is detected, an alarm is triggered and both the NOC and local authorities are notified via email and SMS. Alternatively, the video images may be sent to a cen- tralized FTP server where authorized personnel can view or download the details. Authorized users can access the cameras remotely to make configu- ration changes or view recent video activity. If a site visit is required for any reason, remote personnel can adjust the camera's pan/tilt/zoom option to ensure the site is safe to access and verify that the personnel have been approved for entry. Aircraft lighting on towers is critical to ensure the safety of the tower itself, personnel, and aircraft. The tower operator is monitoring the operational status of the tower lights remotely utilizing the Westell solution to ensure the light is prop- erly functioning. If the light fails for any reason, the operator is auto- matically notified via an alarm. The Benefits The Westell Intelligent Site Management solution deployed at this Mexican Tier 1 tower opera- tor has produced many benefits. Providing security at the site was the biggest benefit to minimize costly theft and vandalism. Remote monitoring, management, and con- trol have significantly reduced the number of truck rolls required. Once the NOC or a technician receives an alarm, they can remotely access site data - from virtually anywhere - to decide how to proceed. If a site visit is required, personnel safety is improved. The tower operator can also use the security management solution to ensure that site work being provid- ed by outside contractors is ongoing and/or completed. For example, the operator uses the site access logs to determine who visited the site and for how long. The operator can view video or images to ensure the work submitted for payment was actually completed during the site visit. Westell provided installation services to this Tier 1 tower operator to train their local installers and partners. The installation services focused on empowering the key in- stallers and technicians with the ex- pertise needed to achieve a smooth and successful turn-up of the entire Westell solution. This allowed the operator to be confident that the solution would be running at an op- timal level from the beginning using local installation resources. The Tier 1 tower operator's cus- tomers (i.e. service providers) are also concerned about the security of the sites because this can af- fect network availability. The NOC personnel utilize this opportunity to showcase the comprehensive site security solution to minimize safety concerns. In addition to the many ben- efits of the security management solution already deployed, the Tier 1 tower operator is considering other Westell functionality for future installation to ensure a comprehen- sive solution. This includes genera- tor management, HVAC monitoring, HVAC energy monitoring, and HVAC control. As the tower operator's requirements change, Westell will engineer and provide the solutions needed to maximize network qual- ity and availability while minimizing operating costs. Visit www.tessco.com/go/westell. 2012 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Brocade and the B-wing symbol are registered trademarks of Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Other brands, products, or service names mentioned may be trademarks of their respective owners. EFFORTLESS NETWORKING RUNS IN THE FAMILY. Moving at the speed of business has never been easier with Brocade stackable campus LAN switches. From the entry-level Brocade ICX 6430 and 6450, to the premium Brocade ICX 6610, these automated, flexible switches just work-freeing up your team to do more. With unprecedented levels of performance and availability-the only thing basic is the price. M i h d f b i h b i Learn more about Brocade campus LAN switches at www.tessco.com/go/brocade Remote Monitoring and Control Device With RMB-1 Alarm Collector TESSCO EQUIPMENT CALIBRATION SERVICES www.tessco.com/go/calibration TESSCO No. 569134

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