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August / September 2014 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 12 August / September 2014 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS If this happens to you, it happens to your customers. Add Wilson Electronics signal boosters to your product line and increase your bottom line. Come talk to us. www.tessco.com/go/wilson Still standing by a window to answer your phone? Ground Resistance GONE MOBILE CLAMP-ON TESTER MODELS 6416 & 6417 We got you covered. Both models display voltage and sound an alarm when potential unsafe conditions exist In the dark? No problem. 6416 & 6417 have a large, multi-function, bright yellow organic display visible in all lighting conditions More storage. Conduct field surveys, retrieve and analyze readings from up to 2000 measurements Usable in more environments. Selectable test frequencies provide accurate results in both resistive and inductive environments A simple solution to read your measurements MODEL 6417 is available with an Android application for easy data programming, downloading, printing and e-mailing test results from your mobile device. With its mobile GPS capability, users are now able to easily locate the site associated with the measurements. RESULTS, ON THE GO! IP Rated 40 Surge Protection Minimizes PIM in Co-Located Sites TSX Series Features High Reliability and Ideal Specifications for the Application As carriers deploy more transmis- sion equipment at co-location sites, they face significant challenges with passive intermodulation (PIM). Co-located sites offer financial and practical deployment benefits, but the crowded radio frequency space at these sites leads directly to PIM and loss of transmission/reception fidelity. Leading the market with its pro- prietary, coaxial RF surge protection, PolyPhaser has developed several high-performance, ultra-low PIM products that enable carriers to opti- mize their networks. The TSX Series offers signifi- cantly lower PIM -155 dBc over a wide frequency range of 698 MHz to 2.7 GHz with -26dB return loss. This group of products can be optimized to achieve -163dBc noise floor and -30dB return loss for narrow band applications. Each product also pro- vides DC pass and DC block bidirec- tional broadband filter options and is weatherproof for bulkhead mount- ing. The product offering covers the 700 MHz extended frequency band used in LTE for both North American and international applications. PolyPhaser high-performance, PIM-rated protection products are key components in a robust network engineered to withstand lighting surge environments. PolyPhaser products allow carriers to achieve an ultra-low noise floor to avoid PIM losses and achieve the maximum range and bandwidth from their deployment investment. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ polyphaser.com. Superior Protection. Patented Technology. Guaranteed Performance. Coaxial RF Protection Whether your coaxial application is at the tower top, GPS or in the base station, RF products designed and manufactured by PolyPhaser have set the standard for the industry. Our patented designs are engineered for low voltage let-through and superior RF operation, offering the industry's best performance. For more information visit us at tessco.com on. ology. ology formance. TESSCO offers all government customers the products, programs, service and support to meet your wireless needs. www.tessco.com/go/gsa

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