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August / September 2014 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 10 August / September 2014 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS www.tessco.com/go/surecall 410.229.1308 Sentry is an innovative advancement for cellular signal booster installation, optimization and ongoing management. Sentry allows installers to: Sentry by SureCall Remotely monitor and adjust booster performance from your computer Optimize installation by monitoring and identifying the strongest signal strength available and adjusting gains remotely Quickly pinpoint and fix malfunctions due to unforeseen changes such as newly installed cellular towers or repeater systems Remote Booster Monitoring and Control System Dual-Bus Distribution Panel Dual-Bus DC Distribution Panels ICT introduces the Distribution Series 3 that includes four new DC load distribution panels with dual- bus architecture. Independent bus- es are ideal for redundant system designs or when mixed voltages or polarities must be distributed at the same time. Each bus has six out- puts and is rated at 100 amps peak. Fuse-protected models are available with 80-volt-rated ATO style fuses (up to 25 amps max rating), and breaker-protected models are avail- able for hydraulic/magnetic break- ers (up to 25 amps rating). Both the fuse and breaker mod- els are available as standard un- managed panels or Intelligent TCP/ IP Ethernet fully managed panels that monitor load currents and feature the ability to power cycle each output remotely. Intelligent versions offer a rich set of software features, includ- ing SNMP, network watchdog (ping), auto restart, auto load-shedding and more. All models support 12-, 24- or 48-volt applica- tions in either polarity and come with a three-year warranty. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ict. TESSCO No. 504545 Standard 200A Dual-Bus Distribution Panel List: $535.00 TESSCO No. 542914 Intelligent 200 A Dual-Bus Breaker Distribution Panel List: $1,050.00 TESSCO No. 503472 Standard 200 A Dual-Bus Fuse Distribution Panel List: $1,050.00 TESSCO No. 542894 Intelligent 200 A Dual-Bus Fuse Distribution Panel List: $535.00 NEW! High-Power Solutions Support Broadband Devices The ongoing expansion of the mo- bile ecosystem, coupled with de- mand for high-bandwidth applica- tions and services, is keeping pres- sure on the telecommunications industry to increase the availability and quality of broadband connectiv- ity. This pressure, in turn, is causing an ever-increasing demand for more power to support the myriad broadband devices at tower and infrastructure sites. DuraComm meets this demand with a trio of power products in- troduced in 2014. The 3kW Heavy Duty RLP series provides up to 3000 watts of regulated output at 12, 24 or 48 volts DC. The 3kW RLPs use switch mode technology to convert 220 VAC to DC output at 90 per- cent efficiency providing maximum power density at minimal size and weight. DuraComm also introduces two heavy-duty solutions to distribute this large volume of power while protecting valuable telecommunica- tions equipment. The rack mount DCBP-400-40-6 DC distribution panel provides six positions with 40 amp DC breakers pre-installed. The magnetic DC breakers are rated for operation between 5 and 150 VDC and easy to reset. The DCBB-700 provides a com- mon ground for the DCBP-400-40-6 distribution panel. The rack mount ground bar is rated up to 700 amps and can serve as a grounding point for other devices in the rack. Visit www.tessco.com/go/duracomm. TESSCO No. 571346 3kW Output Heavy Duty Rack Mount Power Supply List: $2,000.00 TESSCO No. 567004 Commercial Duty 19" Rack Mount DC Distribution Panel List: $675.00 TESSCO No. 502607 Bus Bar Assembly List: $145.00 Bus Bar Assembly Optimal Indoor Wireless Coverage Solutions Cellular Specialties, Inc. , a division of Westell, provides comprehensive ClearLink in-building wireless solutions to ensure the wireless coverage and capac- ity required to opti- mize the customer experience. Our ClearLink solutions are a one-stop shop for all your in-building distributed antenna system (DAS) needs from ancillary system com- ponents to DAS trays and digital repeaters. ClearLink products include: Passive DAS Interface Trays repeaters and base stations into a DAS. Digital Repeaters the-air radio frequency signals from a local cell tower into buildings via a fiber or coax DAS. Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs) receive and amplify the signal from a cellular tower for distribution throughout a building or structure allowing users to utilize mobile phones within a facility. Antennas for external base station con- nectivity, and omni-directional distribution antennas are offered for internal aggregation and distribution. System Components systems or DAS to direct the energy flow for specific frequency bands. Visit www.tessco.com/go/csi. TESSCO No. 356949 700/800 MHz Band Selective Repeater List: $5,670.00 TESSCO No. 575881 698-960/1710-2690 MHz In-Building Multiband Omni Ceiling Antenna List: $60.00 700/800 MHz Band Selective Repeater In-Building Multiband Omni Ceiling Antenna

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