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What's Inside Technical accuracy is the responsibility of the author(s). PLEASE reference this code when ordering from this issue 2014 07109 (continued on page 18) 11126 McCormick Road Hunt Valley, Maryland USA 21031-1494 CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED The Wireless Journal System and Product Reviews for Those Who Build, Use and Maintain Wireless PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID TESSCO TECHNOLOGIES Cellular Routers Deliver Remote Connectivity to Power Distribution Systems Case study submitted by Red Lion A leading multi-utility and telecom company focusing on power generation, transmission and distribution, natural gas distribution, wastewater treatment, aqueducts and telecommunications , Empresas Publicas de Medellin (EPM), was looking for a flexible solution to monitor and interact with legacy equipment across its distributed network infrastructure. EPM turned to Red Lion and Facelco to en- able remote connectivity capabilities for its power distribution infrastructure of reclosers. By using a remote connectivity solution that combines Red Lion's Sixnet series industrial RTUs and cellular routers with a network analyzer from Facelco, EPM can seamlessly connect, monitor and control its existing recloser network. This upgrade enables EPM to lower overall total cost of ownership by extending the life of its infrastructure and preserv- ing CAPEX expenditures for other projects. The remote connectivity solution includes Red Lion IndustrialPro cellular routers that deliver wireless DNP-3 connectivity to RTUs that act as a controller. This deployment enables EPM to re- motely connect and communicate with its power distribution system. In addition, Facelco network analyzers provide real-time diagnostics that allow EPM to proactively respond to conditions to en- sure system integrity and network uptime. Benefits The combined Red Lion/Facelco industrial-grade remote connectivity solution provides monitoring and control throughout EPM's power distribu- tion network, helping to save time and reduce costs. Power substations and electric, gas and water utilities like EPM require high-speed, high- capacity networks that enable real-time access to critical information regardless of location. Red Lion's industrial automation and network- ing solutions improve productivity and reliability by providing customers the ability to seamlessly connect, monitor and control operations. Visit www.tessco.com/go/redlion. TESSCO Feature: From the Edge to the Core, Dependable Remote Monitoring and Control Solutions Are Essential Page 2 OtterBox Case Study: Wireless Technology Enhances Classroom Experience Through Mobile Device Use Page 4 Ericsson Case Study: End-to-End Solutions Deliver Seamless Connectivity Across Campus Page 4 TESSCO Featured Solution: The Flexibility of Wireless- Outdoor Campus Coverage Page 4 Minimize Network Downtime With Tripp Lite PDUs. Page 11 Revolutionary PTP 650 from Cambium Networks. Page 17 New Tablet-Based Test Solution from JDSU. Page 20 Sti-Co Video Antennas for Both Covert & Non-Covert Operations. Page 22 Industrial Cases from Trident Protect Your Tablets. Page 24 11126 McCormick Road Hunt Valley, Maryland USA 21031-1494 CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED VOLUME 21 NO. 4 AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2014 www.tessco.com/go/twj Mexico Tower Operator Deploys Intelligent Site Management for Site Security Submitted by Westell The wireless communications market is developed in many countries of the world and saturated with multiple service providers. In Mexico, however, the telecommunications market is still un- derdeveloped with low penetration rates and a limited number of service providers. This is in the process of changing with increased competition with the launch of LTE technol- ogy which is encouraging additional invest- ment. With these changes and the potential for reduced costs of services, the wireless communications market is expected to reach approximately 107 million mobile subscriber connections by 2015. Tower owners are continually faced with two critical challenges at their sites: person- nel safety and protecting assets. A Tier 1 tower operator in Mexico was experiencing theft and vandalism at their top 500 sites almost daily (copper theft, stolen site equip- ment, graffiti, etc.). This operator selected the Westell (formally Kentrox) Intelligent Site Management solution to reduce theft and vandalism at their tower sites, minimizing the cost of replacement equipment, repairs, and cleanup. Additionally, by implementing site security, personnel visits (both employees and contractors) are safer. The Westell applications utilized by this Tier 1 operator included: The Network The Westell Optima Management System , Remote RMM-1400 intelligent site device, and Remote RMB-1 smart alarm block have been deployed in the tower operator's network. Optima centralizes administra- tion across multiple sites and monitors all measurement, alarm, and status data from the RMM-1400s at each remote site. The Westell solution trends the collected data and "Unauthorized access and theft to tower sites are a common occurrence in Mexico and cause a considerable amount of damage, repair costs and equipment replacement." Power substations and electric, gas and water utilities like EPM require high-speed, high-capacity networks. PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID DENVER, CO PERMIT NO. 5377 Ceragon All-Outdoor Compact Virtual Fiber Solution See page 17 >>>

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