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April/May 2015 9 See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on TESSCO.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. www.tessco.com/go/twj INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS New TESSCO Infrastructure Partner Cel-Fi www.tessco.com/go/cel-fi Cel-Fi from Nextivity is a family of all-new, all-digital, multiband, smart signal boosters designed for use on 3G and 4G/LTE (including VoLTE) networks. Cel-Fi plug-and-play booster products require no cabling, no external antennas and no configuration from the user. They can be set up quickly and easily to deliver up to five bars of 3G or 4G/LTE coverage in just minutes. Ground Resistance GONE MOBILE CLAMP-ON TESTER MODELS 6416 & 6417 We got you covered. Both models display voltage and sound an alarm when potential unsafe conditions exist In the dark? No problem. 6416 & 6417 have a large, multi-function, bright yellow organic display visible in all lighting conditions More storage. Conduct field surveys, retrieve and analyze readings from up to 2000 measurements Usable in more environments. Selectable test frequencies provide accurate results in both resistive and inductive environments A simple solution to read your measurements MODEL 6417 is available with an Android application for easy data programming, downloading, printing and e-mailing test results from your mobile device. With its mobile GPS capability, users are now able to easily locate the site associated with the measurements. RESULTS, ON THE GO! IP Rated 40 Enable Seamless Coexistence Between Booster and Small Cell Deployments Cel-Fi from San Diego-based Nextivity Inc. is the first and only carrier-specific, smart signal booster to incorporate the Small Cell Forum's (SCF) self-optimized networking (SON) algorithms. This capability enables the seamless coexistence between the booster and small cell deployments in enterprise environ- ments as outlined in SCF Release 2. The recently released, third-gen- eration Cel-Fi Pro and Cel-Fi Duo support both LTE and UMTS. They deliver up to 10 times more system gain and twice the bandwidth of previous versions, while providing up to 13,000 sq. ft. of coverage. A true plug-and-play solution, Cel-Fi does not require external antennas, cabling or subscriber configuration. Cel-Fi is FCC compliant for con- sumer operation at up to 100dB (the maximum allowed), and is designed to deliver optimal booster perfor- mance while remaining completely safe for the mobile network. Features include support for up to 35 MHz of boosted bandwidth and automatic configuration for WCDMA/HSPA+/ LTE. Cel-Fi also provides full support for VoLTE. Cel-Fi smart signal boost- ers are authorized for use with 160 global carriers (including T-Mobile and AT&T) in 83 countries. www.tessco.com/go/cel-fi. TESSCO No. 543844 Quad Band ATT Booster Kit, Up to 100dB Gain, Coverage Up to 13K Sq. ft. List: $695.00 Quad Band ATT Booster Kit 48 Volt Distribution Panel With Remote Reboot Capability Instantly reboot, start or stop 48V telecom equipment at remote loca- tions via a web browser. "Locked- up'' devices are brought back to life instantly. Long distance service calls to cycle power to equipment are averted. The Rack Mount Panel from NewMar provides individual control of 8 dc breaker-protected circuits. Power can be cycled by a system administrator by activat- ing control on a web page, or, alternatively, the panel can be programmed with automatic reboot function that activates without user intervention upon defined condi- tions, such as power-up after inter- ruption or when lock-up is sensed. In this mode, the "Auto-Ping'' feature continually monitors critical 48-volt powered network devices, servers and routers. User-defined graphics and hyperlinks allow customized web pages providing convenient moni- toring. Four programmable web links offer the user the ability to easily access multiple reboot panels or other URLs. The panel occupies only 1 RU space and has dual 50 amp A-B in- puts for redundancy. An LCD display facilitates easy programming. Visit www.tessco.com/go/newmar. TESSCO No. 525703 DC Distribution Panel List: $890.00 Rack Mount Panel IP-67 Rated PIP Enclosure Creates Ideal Protection for Most Applications Bud's high-impact resistant Polycarbonate Resin 10 percent Glass Fiber-Filled Enclosures are watertight and rated IP67, allowing for temporary immersion in up to 1 meter of water. They also meet Nema 4x and 6x specifications. The PIP series UV-stabilized UL94-V0 rating gives protection from -40C to 120C. They are sold complete with non-metallic captive screws and a continuous gasket. The entire series is available in a gray, opaque or clear covers (with suffix "-C"). The enclosures are ideal for equip- ment controls, Wi-Fi hot spots, timing devices or any controls or networking equipment that utilize a short form factor case. Visit www.tessco.com/go/bud. TESSCO No. 538753 Polycarbonate Resin 10% Glass Fiber-Filled Enclosure, 5.11"(Length) x 3.15"(Width) x 1.37"(Depth), NEMA 4X Box, Gray Polycarbonate List: $10.10 NEMA Enclosure Box Dedicated Solution Architects offer expertise in private wireless networks, enhanced coverage, Wi-Fi and more. TESSCO has a team of Solution Architects with direct industry experience to support every TESSCO system. They take our customers' unique requirements and turn them into custom solutions.

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