Tessco Wireless Journal April May 2015 Page 8 TESSCO Wireless Journal April-May 2015

April/May 2015 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 8 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS ICA LITE Aluminum Plenum-Rated Coaxial Cables for In-Building Applications ICA LITE aluminum plenum- rated coaxial cable from Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) provides a cost-effective, lighter weight alternative to copper cabling without sacrificing electri- cal performance quality. It supports all wireless in-building applications and maintains compatibility with existing connectors, tools and hanging hardware for easy and convenient installation. ICA LITE is available in a white jacket model. The incorporated Star-Dielectric Spline provides uniform support throughout the length of cable for superior per- formance. The aluminum outer conductor minimizes system inter- ference and ICA LITE's UV-resistant jacket allows it to withstand outdoor storage. ICA LITE provides a safe, long- term operating life at high-transmit power levels. Like all RFS wideband " plenum cable, it has met the most stringent plenum cable stan- dards for maximum safety, including CMP and ETL listed to UL444. It also complies with Canadian CSA C.22.2/FT6 standards. Visit www.tessco.com/go/rfs. TESSCO No. 531369 1/2'' Plenum Air Cable List: $4.11/ft. TRUST TESSCO FOR THE TOOLS & SUPPLIES TO GET THE JOB DONE RFS Automated Cable Prep Tool for 1/2" Plenum Cable TESSCO No. 578215 CommScope Automated Cable Preparation Tool for 1/2" Coaxial Cable TESSCO No. 349546 Times Microwave Manual Cable Prep Tool for 3/8" Coaxial Cable TESSCO No. 315538 3M Products Wireless Weatherproofing Kit TESSCO No. 368284 3M Products 5-Color Tape Assortment Pack TESSCO No. 87157

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