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See TESSCO's entire product offering and your pricing on www.tessco.com or call TESSCO at 800.472.7373. 5 April/May 2015 wired or wireless points, even when points are in motion. It can redirect data packets to faster unused frequencies or switch channels the moment it senses an interfer- ence or obstruction. This approach miti- gates bottlenecks and provides robust fault tolerance, high throughput and low latency. Total Mobility While traditional meshing technologies rely on a single stationary access point, which acts as the root node/controller manag- ing other radios as clients, every node in a Kinetic Mesh Network can act indepen- dently and with full routing capabilities. Intelligent Autonomy A Kinetic Mesh Network requires very little manual configuration or maintenence due to its self-learning and self-healing capabilities. BreadCrumbs can be spun out quickly, as they automatically find peers and begin routing instantly through best-avail- able paths. Any-node to any-node commu- nication capabilities ensure no single point of failure. Dynamic Frequency Utilization Many wireless network systems now have nodes capable of utilizing multiple simulta- neous frequencies. However, these frequen- cies are almost always segregated between backhaul, client access, hand-off coordina- tion and other functions. Rajant's Kinetic Mesh system dynamically utilizes all available frequencies for any and all functions. If there is interference on any one frequency, the node will redirect the data packet to one of the other available frequencies to complete its transmission. This capability provides robust fault toler- ance, high throughput and low latency. Rapid Scalability Rajant Kinetic Mesh Networks are able to seamlessly scale with changes in density and distance requirements. As BreadCrumbs are added, they automatically discover and maintain mesh links, allow- ing operators to quickly and easily scale the network with little manual intervention. While traditional mesh networks degrade as nodes are added, Kinetic Mesh Networks grow stronger with each additional node. Extreme Ruggedness When Kinetic Mesh Networks were intro- duced to the market nearly 14 years ago, they were primarily used in military and mining applications. As such, Rajant's hardware was built to withstand the most punishing environments and extreme vibrations. Extreme Security From its military and defense roots, Kinetic Mesh Networks also support extremely high security. BreadCrumbs pro- vide multiple configurable levels of encryp- tion and authentication to provide confi- dentiality, data and network integrity. replay protection and protection from traffic-analysis attacks. High-Performance Applications Kinetic Mesh Network nodes can seam- lessly integrate with any Wi-Fi or Ethernet- connected device to deliver low-latency, high-throughput data, voice and video for remote monitoring, tracking, surveillance and virtually any other number of opera- tional applications. Ease of Network Management Rajant's BC Commander network management software establishes secure, encrypted links to each node that allow administrators to gain a graphi- cal, real-time view of network topology. A Living Network The evolving communications landscape is prompting organizations across a wide variety of industries to look differently at their networks and how they use them. Simple, static, stationary solutions are no longer viable for those seeking to create and operate in highly productive, mobility-driven environments. Instead, they need a network that is 'living'-able to easily adapt, smartly optimize and freely move to meet changing business and connectivity demands. Rajant recognized early that with rapidly proliferat- ing mobile applications would come growing connectivity complexities for enterprises, businesses and organizations of all types. Through its Kinetic Mesh technology, Rajant brings to life an extremely agile and adaptable wireless broadband solution that thrives in today's diverse, ubiquitously mobile environments: the Living Network. The Living Network is entirely mobile and mobile-enabled, highly scalable, and intelligent in its ability to self-manage and self-optimize. These powerful attributes make it a strategic asset in any industry dealing with highly mobile, challenging or hard-to-connect environments. The Challenge A global leader in clean coal solutions urgently needed to upgrade its network to support its growing number of dispatch, operations and equipment health monitoring applications-without disrupting the mine's 24x7x365 operations. C A S E S T U D Y Case In Point: Kinetic Mesh Gives Mine-Wide Network an Upgrade With Zero Downtime The Challenge: A global leader in clean coal solutions urgently needed to upgrade its network to support its growing number of dispatch, operations and equipment health monitoring applications-without disrupting the mine's 24x7x365 operations. The Solution: Rajant Kinetic Mesh technology was selected for its ability to quickly and reliably connect the mine's many fixed and moving assets, which included a 1,300-person workforce covering nearly 44 square miles (114 square kilometers). The transition occurred seamlessly with 165 nodes deployed to reliably support the entire mine's mission-critical operations. The Results: The migration to this unified network resulted in zero downtime and 100 percent application availability. Soon after initial deployment, mine operations expanded and an additional 110 BreadCrumb nodes were deployed, primarily by mine personnel-attesting to the Kinetic Mesh Network's ease of scalability. To learn more about Rajant Kinetic Mesh and to view this whitepaper in its entirety, visit www.tessco.com/go/rajant.

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