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April/May 2015 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 14 NETWORK SYSTEMS Outdoor Omni Dual-Radio AP Remotely Monitor and Manage RS-232/422/485 Devices Over Wi-Fi The NPort W2250A is the ideal choice for connecting your serial devices and equipment over Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g) networks, supporting secure access via WPA2 encryption. It features two serial ports, each independently configurable for RS-232/422/485 communications and supporting virtual COM-port access as well as direct TCP/UDP connections. For legacy PC-based applica- tions, virtual COM-ports are pos- sible using the included Real-COM drives (Windows, Linux/Unix and many other OSs). For use with all other application software, socket connections can be established with both TCP and UDP in both cli- ent and server modes. Additionally, this unit is capable for use as a Wi-Fi client/bridge, allowing wired Ethernet devices to be connected to wireless networks. Designed for demanding applications, this model features industrial surge suppression on the Ethernet, serial and power connec- tions. Available input power is 12 to 48 VDC and may be supplied via removable terminal block. Where an AC receptacle is nearby, power can be provided via the included 100-240V AC power adapter. Just slightly larger than a deck of playing cards, it's compact and easy to mount almost anywhere. In addition to the included panel/wall mount, an option DIN-rail mounting kit is available. Visit www.tessco.com/go/moxa. TESSCO No. 578927 Two-Port, 3-1 Device Server List: $359.00 Two-Port, 3-1 Device Server Built to Perform - the BelAir20EO Ruggedized for Challenging Environments Neither rain, nor snow, nor wind or dust can hinder Ericsson's ability to deliver. We're not talking mail, here-it's all about delivering connectivity in harsh environmental conditions. Ericsson's BelAir20EO is a ruggedized, 802.11n 2x2:2 outdoor Wi-Fi access point that withstands dust, wind, moisture and extreme temperatures to keep businesses communicating. This cost-effective, compact AP is designed to fit in a multitude of outdoor environ- ments with a variety of antenna configurations and mounting options. Serve up nearly any tough environment-Ericsson's BelAir20EO won't back down. POE powered, the 20EO is well-suited for deployments in very dense, high-noise floor environ- ments like stadiums, convention centers and transportation depots. With Ericsson's advanced interfer- ence-mitigation technology built into its dual radio design, the 20EO can deliver high-quality connectivity in nearly any setting including: venues campuses facilities BelAir20EO features: outdoor environments with many mounting options and Ericsson's interference- mitigation built-in technology pricing creates sales opportuni- ties and boosts your bottom line With one of the industry's high- est performance and most flexible outdoor access node design, the BelAir20EO delivers the perfor- mance, speed and reliability you need. Whether it's a single office, a multi-building campus or many lo- cations across town, you can count on Ericsson to power your enter- prise customers, inside and out. For more information on Ericsson products or to learn about a special offer to Jump Start with Ericsson Connections, visit www.tessco.com/ go/ericsson. TESSCO No. 327765 Outdoor Omni Dual-Radio AP BelAir20EO-11A List: $684.37 TESSCO No. 377203 2.4GHz Omni, 5GHz Directional Outdoor AP, BelAir20EO-11B List: $684.37 TESSCO No. 570456 2.4GHz Directional, 5GHz Connecting Outdoor AP, BelAir20EO-11C List: $684.37 TESSCO No. 531809 2.4GHz Connecting 5GHz Directional Outdoor AP BelAir20EO-11D List: $684.37 Rugged, New Intelligent 4G LTE Cellular Router Ideal for Mission-Critical Industrial Applications The utility, energy and public safety sectors increasingly require high- bandwidth and/or low latency for mission-critical fixed or mobile real-time, enterprise-grade applica- tions such as SCADA and video surveillance. With its rugged de- sign, the all-new Vanguard 5530 industrial-grade 4G LTE cellular router is the ideal solution, providing highly reliable performance even in the most challenging environmental conditions. It is the right combina- tion of high-value features to meet industrial networking needs and deliver secure, robust connectivity between field and enterprise. The new Vanguard offers essential router features many agencies have long relied on, now enhanced with best-in-class speed, simplified connectivity, better Wi-Fi performance and an array of physical interfaces. The cloud-ready design integrates with CalAmp's DeviceOutlook for easy configura- tion, quick deployment and easy management, and reduces total cost of ownership. Its Linux-based, embedded Open Developer Platform supports customized appli- cations, ensuring a flexible, future- proof device. Vanguard 5530 features: network tivity with reliable 3G fallback design developed for the most demanding applications (with Wi-Fi 802.11 g/n and GPS) connectivity and routing for SCADA and industrial applications Visit www.tessco.com/go/calamp. TESSCO No. 542105 DeviceOutlook Mobile Device Management Platform List: $26.00 TESSCO No. 537627 Vanguard 5530 4G Cellular Router, Fixed (ATT), Includes Extra Cable Without Ignition Sense List: $799.00 Vanguard 5530 4G Cellular Router Manage your supply chain easily and efficiently. Deploying and maintaining a communications solution requires more than purchasing the right product. From our in-house warranty support and trade-in programs to our extensive kitting and configuration offerings, TESSCO helps you get the full power out of your supply chain. Call TESSCO today. 800.507.3287

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