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Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 8 April / May 2014 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS DIN Rail DC UPS, 48 Volts, 10 Amps Improve Vital First-Responder Communication in Your Building Cellular Specialties, Inc. (CSI) offers an in-building signal booster that significantly improves first- responder indoor communications. The CSI-T51080-SP78 has future- proofed 700/800 MHz Public Safety coverage, dual SMR 800 MHz ad- justable sub-bands, and a compact NEMA Type 4 enclosure that meets NFPA regulations. The T51080 Signal Booster is easy to install, of- fering rapid setup and maintenance. Additional product highlights include: Significantly Improves Vital First-Responder Communication Public Safety signal enhancement needs band options include 3 MHz: 821-824/866-869 MHz or 10 MHz: 806-816/851-861 MHz interference from competing signals Rugged, Reliable and Future- Proofed Coverage Extension of outage nance by one person points Oscillation Detection and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) built-in oscillation control and self-healing correctable severe conditions Visit www.tessco.com/go/csi. TESSCO No. 356949 700/800 MHz Band Selective Repeater, 80 dB, 27 dBm List: $5,670.00 700/800 MHz Band Selective Repeater Pre-Engineered, Lightweight Towers Offer Ultimate Versatility Strong enough to handle se- vere weather conditions yet light enough to be cost effective, Sabre Site Solutions ' pre-engineered, lightweight towers are ideal for a variety of applications. The light- weight product line includes both guyed and self-supporting towers. Manufactured in 5-, 10-, 15- and 20-foot sections, they are available in either pre-welded or knock down models. Sabre's lightweight guyed towers are available in 12- and 18- inch face widths and can be used in guyed, freestanding, bracketed or rooftop applications. Designed to carry ultra-light to medium-duty accessory loads, the lightweight self-supporting towers come in two versions - light-duty angle leg (LDA) and tubular leg towers (UL, VL Series). The LDA is available in several different series and heights, and features multiple foundation appli- cations. It offers a variety of mount- ing options and is ideal for use in rural broadband, WISP, Smart Grid, point-to-point, backhaul, SCADA, microcell and PTC applications. All Sabre towers meet ANSI/TIA- 222-F&G requirements, and come complete with tower steel, hardware, and one foundation design. Visit www.tessco.com/go/sabre. Give Your DAS the Signal Boost it Craves Strained capacity. Weak signals. Unwanted interference. Subscriber expectations for everywhere cover- age - coupled with a voracious ap- petite for mobile data - can quickly transform the latest technology into yesterday's obsolete solution. That's why CommScope de- veloped a robust platform with the Node A digital repeater - to rapidly accelerate the exchange of signals between mobile devices and cell sites, enhancing coverage reliabil- ity. The "A" stands for "technology agnostic," meaning you can eas- ily modify or expand the system - regardless of protocols, spec- trum reassignments, or emerging technologies. Amplify signals. Mitigate interference. Communicate with confidence. Don't allow spotty wireless cover- age, thick walls, or crowded areas to dictate quality cellular coverage. Amplify and deliver wireless voice and data when you want to, where you need to. Deploy a solution that ensures fast, clear, reliable informa- tion exchange. band/single-operator and multi- band/multi-operator applications expand by adding modular RF cards and software features while dramatically reducing power consumption Visit www.tessco.com/go/ commscope. TESSCO No. 383226 380-2170 MHz Node A Multiband Repeater Call TESSCO for Pricing (800.472.7373) Node A Multiband Repeater Ideal Solution From Bud Industries for 19-Inch Racking Requirements The affordable aluminum relay racks from Bud Industries are an ideal solution for 19-inch racking requirements during installations where easy access to components is the top priority. These lightweight yet sturdy racks are constructed from strong aluminum extrusions and feature panel-mounting holes that are #12-24 tapped on EIA spacing - both in the front and in the rear. Their 19" x 77" panel space provides significant mounting space and they are easy to assem- ble, weighing only 37 pounds. The racks are available in your choice of a natural finish (NF) or a black- textured pow- der coat (BT). Accessories including shelves, panels, and brackets are also available. Visit www.tessco.com/go/bud. TESSCO No. 11372 Aluminum Relay Rack, 77" x 19" List: $203.40 TESSCO No. 377772 Aluminum Relay Rack, 50" x 23" List: $220.35 Aluminum Relay Rack Newmar DIN Rail DC UPS Ideal for Enclosure Power and Small Cell Applications Simplify DC power configurations in wireless enclosures by replac- ing multiple components using this all-in-one 48-volt, 10-amp DC UPS from Newmar . It powers loads, provides programmable multi-step temperature compensated charg- ing, is programmable per battery type, with low voltage disconnect, and remote monitoring. A "load pri- ority" circuit ensures that power is dedicated first to the load, with the remainder then allocated to battery charging, thus preventing a dis- charged battery from impacting the operation of critical loads. Operating on 115 /230 VAC, the compact (5.3" height, 5.9" width, 4.5" depth) unit is rated for high temperature ambient, to 70 degrees Celsius, and is ideal for enclosure applications. Visit www.tessco.com/go/newmar. TESSCO No. 566053 DIN Rail Power System, 48 VDC, 10 Amps List: $695.00 NEW!

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