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April / May 2014 Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 22 MOBILE DEVICES & ACCESSORIES When space in your vehicle is limited, Logic Energy is your charging solution. Ultra-compact footprint allows installation in multiple locations. Rugged design and proven charging technology. Models available for most top selling radios from Motorola, Kenwood, Harris, Icom, and others. For more information, visit www.tessco.com/go/logic Features vibration tolerant contacts. Problem Solved With Logic Energy In-Vehicle Chargers The Logic Energy In-Vehicle Charger (LEVC), an advanced mod- ular charging system for two-way radio batteries, is incredibly com- pact and solves installation head- aches when space in a vehicle is limited. The radio holder measures only 2.6-inches wide, allowing for convenient positioning or the option for a more covert installation. In ad- dition, the LEVC is ultra-rugged and features military-grade contacts that are durable and ensure positive contact with the battery. Whether positioned on or off the radio, the battery fits in the radio holder snug- gly and with precision - yet it's easy to remove when leaving the vehicle. The tie-down strap supplied can be secured or removed with one hand. The LEVC incorporates proven charging technology for any battery chemistry and its intelligent charg- ing circuitry allows a radio to remain powered on even when the battery is charging. The LEVC rapid charges NiCd, NiMH, Li-ion, and LiPo batter- ies - while on the battery or sepa- rately - and conveniently features an LED charge status indicator. LEVC models are available for most top-selling radios from Motorola, Kenwood, Harris, Icom, among others. Visit www.tessco. com/go/logic to view all models available through TESSCO. Intelligent Vehicle Power Management System Since 1991, ChargeGuard has been focused on a single concept - safe- guarding vehicle electrical systems with intelligent circuitry protection. The Havis ChargeGuard Auto Shut-Off Timer, the latest version of the original automatic shutdown device, is much more than an on/off timer for mobile electronics. It's an extremely unique and easy-to-use intelligent vehicle power manage- ment system. ChargeGuard protects expensive radios and computers from vehicle voltage anomalies, protects the vehicle from accidental battery discharge, and provides mo- bile workers instant access to criti- cal electronics. With ChargeGuard, equipment is always available, and you never have to remember to turn it on or off, which offers peace of mind. Over 300,000 fleet vehicles use ChargeGuard battery-saving solutions, from the largest utility company in the U.S., to police cars, FBI, Search & Rescue, and even storm-chasing vehicles. The easy- to-install ChargeGuard features a voltage diagnostic LED indicating status with color/blink codes, pro- tected terminals, easy-open access door, selectable mode switch, MIL- STD-810F compliance, and more. Visit www.tessco.com/go/havis. TESSCO No. 315672 ChargeGuard Auto Shut-Off Timer List: $99.00 ChargeGuard Auto Shut-Off Timer Sleek 4G is our newest all-in-one signal user cradle cell phone signal booster, and is part of Wilson Electronics vast line of mobile solutions to keep you connected while on the road. devices carriers (except Clearwire ) and boats STAY CONNECTED WITH A WILSON SIGNAL BOOSTER www.tessco.com/go/wilson DROPPED CALLS AND SLOW DATA? Wideband, Compact Omni Performs From 695-3000 MHz Digital Antenna is known for their expertise in designing and manu- facturing rugged, dependable an- tennas that perform when needed. They raised the bar with their latest patent-pending design of a wide- band, 6 dBi omnidirectional antenna covering 695-3000 MHz. Model 1273-YB, the bullet, pro- vides excellent performance from LTE to WiMAX, and is ideal for mobile or fixed locations. Maximum performance and distance is achieved with its physically reso- nant design and outstanding VSWR of less than 1.5:1 in all 3G and 4G bands. Low VSWR equals maximum radiated power from the antenna, providing maximum signal range. The bullet's electrical perfor- mance is complemented by rugged mechanical construction. Digital Antenna's bullet antenna is foam filled for vibration stabilization and long-lasting performance in extreme conditions. A UV stable polyurethane finish provides out- standing corrosion resistance in the harshest environments. Model 1273-PB includes an L bracket with stainless-steel U-Bolts for pole or wall mounting. Antenna terminates in an N type female connector. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ digitalantenna. TESSCO No. 502473 1273-PB Multiband Omni Antenna List: $158.94 1273-PB Antenna Covert Video Antenna Line From STI-CO STI-CO announces a new line of covert video antennas for 2.3 GHz and 4.7 GHz that are COFDM compatible. The Rear Deck Video Antennas are perfect for both covert and non-covert operations. Hidden on the inside deck by the rear window of most full or mid-sized sedans, these antennas are discrete and very easy to install. The univer- sal mount is ground plane indepen- dent. The Video Bumper Antenna in 4.7 GHz fits neatly behind the front and rear non-metallic bumpers of the vehicle, making it totally covert. This diversity-style system provides omnidirectional coverage and per- forms better than similar antennas on the market. Visit www.tessco.com/go/stico. TESSCO No. 501349 Rear Deck Video Antenna, 2.4 GHz List: $248.00 TESSCO No. 566349 Rear Deck Video Antenna, 4.7 GHz List: $248.00 TESSCO No. 501350 Bumper Video Antenna, 4.7 GHz List: $335.00 Bumper Video Antenna & Rear Deck Video Antenna NEW!

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