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Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 12 April / May 2014 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS If this happens to you, it happens to your customers. Add Wilson Electronics signal boosters to your product line and increase your bottom line. Come talk to us. www.tessco.com/go/wilson Still standing by a window to answer your phone? Introducing the SDP Telecom Product Portfolio SDP Telecom Inc. supplies market-leading components for in- building DAS with guaranteed PIM performance levels up to -165 dBc (2x43 dBm), and provides custom- ized solutions for major projects in airports, stadiums, subways, cam- puses, and shopping malls, both domestically and globally. SDP is a Canadian company that has wholly owned manufacturing facilities in Asia and North America, and that has received prestigious technology awards such as the Technology Fast 50, which recognizes the world- class achievements and the tre- mendous evolution of the Canadian technology sector. SDP Telecom's state-of-the-art product portfolio includes: point of interface / DAS trays; combiner matrixes; reactive splitters; hybrid and directional couplers; tappers; Wilkinson dividers, terminations and attenuators; dual-, triple- and quad-band combiners; duplexers/ triplexers; connectors and jumper cables. Components are available with DIN, N, and Mini DIN connec- tors. SDP Telecom also provides a vast selection of low-cost alterna- tives available through a separate low-cost product line. Visit www.tessco.com/go/sdp. TESSCO No. 501301 698-2700 MHz Low PIM 3 dB Hybrid Coupler List: $125.00 SDP Passive Components Belleville Bonding Lug Washer Bonding Lug Washer Features Belleville Design Mounting compression lugs to grounding busbars just became easier and faster with the introduc- tion of the Belleville Bonding Lug Washer from Harger Lightning & Grounding . By eliminating the need for flat and lock washers, installation time is significantly reduced. The Belleville design provides superior compression, resulting in the best electrical connection available. It is a 1-inch, on-center cupped lug wash- er with outside dimensions of 0.75" x 1.75" that is used with 3/8-inch hardware. Manu-factured from high- strength, corrosion-resistant 300 series stainless steel, the Belleville Bonding Lug Washer is available as a 10 pack, 250 pack, 2,000 master pack, or 1,000-piece bucket. Visit www.tessco.com/go/harger. TESSCO No. 515250 Belleville Bonding Lug Washer; 10 Pack List: $6.24 NEW! STI-CO High- Performance Filters Strong and silent! Specifically de- signed for the harsh environments of freight and passenger rail, as well as other forms of transportation, these high-performance filters from STI-CO are available in VHF (low pass), 220 MHz and 7-800 MHz (high pass), and UHF (band pass). Their compact design provides su- perior channel isolation and reduces intermodulation issues by blocking unwanted signals. The panel surface mount provided may be customized to fit your particular needs, making them perfect for locomotives, base stations, and waysides. Visit www.tessco.com/go/stico. TESSCO No. 571712 High-Performance Filter, VHF List: $309.00 TESSCO No. 571713 High-Performance Filter, 220 MHz List: $309.00 TESSCO No. 533286 High-Performance Filter, UHF List: $309.00 TESSCO No. 544903 High-Performance Filter, 7-800 MHz List: $309.00 High-Performance Filter, UHF

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