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Product information and performance claims are provided by manufacturers. 10 April / May 2014 INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS The Most Important Piece of your DAS System... Microlab Certified Products. Microlab certified products offer superior quality, low-maintenance and deliver optimal signal coverage for DAS Systems - both In- door and Outdoor. Even in the most challenging environments, you can expect Microlab's low loss components to dramatically reduce loss and provide strong, clean signals. Stay on time and on budget with immediate availability of our off-the-shelf components. You can also take advantage of complete turn-key systems which provide the highest reliability and minimal in-field installation time. ,QGRRU 2XWGRRU '$6 2II WKH 6KHOI &XVWRPL]DWLRQ &RPSDFW 'HVLJQ /RZ /RVV /RZ 3,0 For more information about Microlab certified products call 800-472-7373 or visit us online at www.tessco.com. 6FDQ 45 &RGH Surge Protection Lowers Passive Intermodulation (PIM) PIM stands for Passive Intermodul- ation, which is an undesired ef- fect that is typically caused by the non-linear mixing of two or more frequencies in passive devices such as cables and connectors. PIM causes "noise" that can interfere with RF signal reception and lead to dropped calls, reduction in cell ca- pacity, or limited coverage, resulting in the loss of mobile connection and consequently revenue. Ensuring low PIM becomes especially relevant when intermod- ulation-causing products fall into the receiving band, one antenna is shared by two or more transmitters, or the receiver sensitivity is very high. Since PIM effects increase significantly as the average transmit power level increases, PIM inter- ference becomes an increasingly disruptive problem as the base sta- tion becomes further loaded. Leading the market with its propri- etary coaxial RF surge protection, PolyPhaser has developed several high-performance, ultra-low PIM products that enable carriers to fur- ther optimize their networks. The TSX Series offers signifi- cantly lower PIM - 155 dBC at a frequency range of 698 MHz to 2.7 GHz at -26 dB return loss. It also provides DC pass and DC block options and is weatherproof with a bulkhead mount bidirectional broadband filter. The product offer- ing covers the 700 MHz extended frequency band used in LTE. Its bidirectional capabilities provide strong support for both domestic and international applications. Visit www.tessco.com/go/ polyphaser. TESSCO No. 531462 TSX Series RF Coaxial Protector List: $95.00 TSX Series RF Coaxial Protector Need help with a technical solution? www.tessco.com/go/techsupport TESSCO offers all Government customers the products, programs, service and support to meet your wireless needs. www.tessco.com/go/gsa

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